Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation Certification Course (IASTM)


A dynamic home study course entitled “Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM).  This is a course designed for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and massage therapist teaching the foundational material that most did not learn while in school.

IASTM certification course is a systematic, evidenced-based and most importantly, allows for direct application that can be used immediately with your patients.

Course Material:

  • 150-page manual broken up unto 12 chapters
  • Each Chapter contains how to videos to increase ease of learning and applying material
  • 25 question online exam with 75% pass threshold to earn certification as an IASTM certified provider

Program Schedule:

  • Chapter 1: Foundation and why behind of IASTM
  • Chapter 2: Research and effectiveness of IASTM
  • Chapter 3:  Principles and benefits of IASTM
  • Chapter 4: Physiologic and neurophysiologic responses of IASTM
  • Chapter 5: Type of tools available
  • Chapter 6: Type of strokes, application and use
  • Chapter 7: Indications, precautions and contraindications with IASTM
  • Chapter 8: Fascia, fascial chain and the fascial slings
  • Chapter 9: Trigger points and adaptive shortening
  • Chapter 10: Clinical Patterns of Movement Dysfunctions and using IASTM
  • Chapter 11:  IASTM techniques for the upper body including cervical, shoulder, thoracic and elbow regions
  • Chapter 12: IASTM techniques for the lower body including lumbar, hip, knee and ankle regions

CEU’s/CEC’s Earned:

  • 4 CEUs – Approved PROVIDER # 1119 By The NCTMB
    • Alaska/Arizona/Arkansas/California/Colorado/Delaware/District of Columbia/Georgia/Hawaii/Idaho/Illinois/Indiana/Kansas Kentucky Michigan/Mississippi/Missouri/Montana/Nebraska North Carolina/North Dakota/Oregon/ Puerto Rico/South Carolina/Tennessee/ Utah/Vermont/Virginia Wisconsin/Wyoming

Course Modules:

Module 1 IASTM Module

IASTM Course Module

Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Chapter 1 – Foundation and Why Behind IASTM
Unit 3 Chapter 2 – Research and Effectiveness of IASTM
Unit 4 Chapter 3 – Principles and Benefits of IASTM
Unit 5 Chapter 4 – Physiologic and Neurophysiologic Responses of IASTM
Unit 6 Chapter 5 – Type of Tools Available
Unit 7 Chapter 6 – Type of Strokes, Application and Use
Unit 8 Chapter 7 – Indications, Precautions and Contraindications with IASTM
Unit 9 Chapter 8 – Fascia, Fascial Chain and the Fascial Slings
Unit 10 Chapter 9 – Trigger Points and Adaptive Shortening
Unit 11 Chapter 10 – Clinical Patterns of Movement Dysfunctions and using IASTM
Unit 12 Chapter 11 – IASTM Techniques for the Upper Body Including Cervical, Shoulder, Thoracic and Elbow Regions
Unit 13 Chapter 12 – IASTM Techniques for the Lower Body Including Lumbar, Hip, Knee and Ankle Regions
Unit 14 IASTM Exam Unit

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