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Instant Physical Therapy

Massage, Stretching, and Joint Movement

For all injuries and body parts.

No prescription or Insurances required.


What is DocPhyzio


Get a complete Physical Therapy experience at home with hundreds of easy to follow instructional videos and treatments for all your needs.

What we offer

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Our mission is to have you feeling your best, on your terms! People are at the core of what we do and we are dedicated to your happiness. If you are in any way unsatisfied with our program, we want to know about it – Contact us at [email protected] and we will make it right!


“I have been to therapy a few times over the years. The therapist only works on one body part at a time, but being an athlete I sometimes have a few places that I need worked on. They always say I need to get another prescription to work on those areas. This makes it hard to get the help I need, but with DocPhyzio I can get my customized routine. They even have meditation, yoga and ergonomics which I really enjoy”

Amber StansberryEngineer

In 2013 I was in a bad car accident and needed a lot of physical therapy, but my insurance would not cover it all. I found DocPhyzio and it is a life changing to have everything I need to get better. And the best part is that 1 month of DocPhyzio is the same as my copay for one office visit.

Matt FousheeMotivational Speaker

I play a lot of volleyball and was told I have jumpers knee, but I did not have the time to go to therapy. I was introduced to DocPhyzio by a friend and I love it. They have a customized routine for my specific diagnoses, which I used to treat my knee. I was able to do the exercises on my own time and I am feeling so much better. Thank you DocPhyzio .

Amanda LeeAdministrative Assistant

I was so skeptical, until I felt the results for myself! Working on a computer all day, I had nagging neck and back pain - I thought it was just a part of life, until I found DocPhyzio. I took the instant health assessment and it gave me an easy to follow program, with excellent guided videos of stretches and exercise I could do when ever and wherever. I feel so much better than I ever thought possible!

Alexandra TravisGraphic Designer

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