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What is DocPhyzio?
Feel better faster! DocPhyzio – a revolutionary fully automated physiotherapy platform that tailors an instant program to YOUR specific needs.
  • ✅ Feel Better From The Comfort Of Home
    No more commutes or dull waiting rooms. Take your health into your own hands right where you are – even if that’s on the couch.
  • ✅ Access to HUNDREDS of Easy-To-Follow Videos
    Guided by expert physiotherapist Dr. Armia, each Instant Program contains a series of daily treatment videos that help you feel better in less than 30 minutes.
  • ✅ First Month Free – Then Only $29.99 a Month
    Plus, add any other household members for no additional charge!

What you’ll get: 

  • Fully automated physical therapy platform which provides everything you need to start feeling better FASTER.
  • Instant Assessment (IAs)- Take this quick and simple Instant Physical Health Assessment and receive your customized Instant Program in less than a min.
  • Instant Programs (IPs)- Access to over 160 Instant Programs specific to your muscle and joint pain. Each Instant Program contains a series of treatment videos designed in a specific order. Our comprehensive platform will organize your treatment plan from A to Z, and allow you to track your progress.
  • Full access to C.A.I.R.O. “Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Rehab Operator,” who serves as your elite AI physical therapist”.
  • Get all the benefits of physical therapy without the inconvenience, time, and expense of traditional PT.

Learn what DocPhyzio is all about: