Open Packed Spinal Manipulation

Course Instructor

Dr. Armia Z Abdo PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. SMT, SSRC, CAFS, CSCS

Master 22 highly effective techniques covering every region of the spine in an open packed position. Gain the most up to date knowledge on proper screening and diagnosing spinal disorders.

Open To: PT’s/PTA’s

Course Material:

  • 2 hour lecture
  • 22 manipulation techniques for 6 regions of the spine
    • each includes an introduction video
    • each includes demonstration videos
    • each includes walk-through videos
    • each include a multi-page workbook

Program Schedule:

  • APTA guidelines
  • Current evidence on HVLA thrust manipulations
  • Kinematics for HVLAT
  • Indications, precautions, and contraindications
  • Review clinical screening for indication of HVLAT
  • Diagnosis of spinal disorders that are indicated for HVLAT
  • Practitioner body mechanics and patient handling
  • Comprehensive manipulation techniques for spine (22 techniques)

CEU’s/CEC’s Earned: 2

Upon completion
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Discount code for products

Module 1 Module 1 - OPSM Part 1: Lecture
Unit 1 Part 1: Lecture (2:03:17)
Module 2 Module 2 - OPSM Part 2: Techniques
Unit 1 Cervical Unit
Unit 2 Ribs Unit
Unit 3 Thoracic Unit
Unit 4 Lumbar Unit
Unit 5 SIJ Unit
Unit 6 Pubic Symphisis Unit
Unit 7 OPSM Course Completion Unit

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