About Us

Our Vision

DocPhyzio will lead the way in innovative solutions for muscle and joint pains that affect approximately 20%–33% of the world’s population at any given time. DocPhyzio is a groundbreaking fully automated physical therapy platform that provides the means and resources for individuals to take their health in their own hands. We will pave the way in bringing effective, affordable, and immediate physical therapy services right to the individual.

Mission Statement

Covid19 has created a lot of uncertainty in our world, creating increased barriers to many things including healthcare. These barriers have driven us to find creative and effective solutions to the common problems that plague many of us. Our mission is to advance the practice of preventative healthcare through with DocPhyzio our fully automated physical therapy platform, and services that you as an individual can access simply and on your own time. Never before has physical therapy and pain relief been so affordable, accessible, and convenient as it is now with DocPhyzio.

AZA Leadership
Armia Abdo, CEO AZA Health & Wellness

Dr. Armia Z Abdo PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. SMT, SSRC, CAFS, CSCS

Founder/CEO AZA Health & Wellness, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Keynote Speaker, Researcher, Inventor, Author

Armia’s success in the field of health and wellness came very early on in his career. Within three years of receiving his doctorate in Physical Therapy as well as multiple post graduate certifications he was offered a partnership and director position at one of the most elite physical therapy clinics in the nation. During this time as director, his company was the highest producing and the fastest growing clinic, gaining the award of Top Practice in the Nation by Advance Magazine.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Armia realized the importance of his work, but felt that the assessment and treatment models were inadequate. He found that our industry revolves around reacting to pain rather than curing the problem. To advance the field of Physical Therapy, it became necessary to shift his work towards changing the way we view the body and creating a new terrain for how physical therapy is performed.

During his continued work he observed patterns common in every individual termed Postural Torsion Syndrome (PTS), through which he organically developed a highly accurate physical assessment model. Postural Torsion Syndrome Assessment (PTSA) has been tried and tested and has created life altering changes for individuals who have been unable to find the cure anywhere else. PTSA serves as a road map of health as well as a treatment guide to revolutionize the field of Physical Therapy and Healthcare.

“I have been fortunate enough to take these experiences and create AZA Health & Wellness.”

Nate Joseph

Founder/CCO AZA Health & Wellness

Nate comes from a diverse, creative-centric background. Upon graduating from Biola University, Nate began working in film and video production and also taught high school in conjunction with coaching baseball for many years. After a few years in public service he worked as Jr. Manager for a well rounded digital marketing firm where he was able to gain skills in business management as well as branding and marketing.

Nate eventually founded and headed up a digital media company that also  creating films and commercial content for many global brands. He is also a certified private pilot.

After partnering with Dr. Armia Abdo to create a revolutionary means of delivering objective data-driven muskuloskeletal treatment solutions, Nate has brought all of his valuable brand management experience and to help propel AZA Health and Wellness into the future as a partner and currently serves as our Chief Creative Officer.

Nadia Konchar, CFO AZA Health & Wellness

Nadia Konchar

CFO AZA Health & Wellness

Nadia has a diverse portfolio ranging from financing, branding and marketing in which she holds multiple degrees. Nadia started out in the entertainment and beauty industry and later moved on to food and beverage. Having over 13 years of experience in assisting entrepreneurs achieving their dreams with her knowledge of finance and branding. She has run several multi-million-dollar businesses as a Chief Finance Officer and brand strategist.

Nadia has a lot of personal experience in the troubles of our current Health care system. So, when she found the opportunity to work with Dr Armia Abdo and his groundbreaking assessment, she jumped at
the chance. “Not only will this preventative assessment change the whole health care system but it will also save the patients thousands of dollars and frustration in which our current health system lacks.”
AZA Health and Wellness is our future and its an honor to be apart of a team that will put the patient first and change the world for better.


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