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About Us

Why Choose DocPhyzio

DocPhyzio is the first line of treatment for those with muscle and joint pain. Our automated system and assessment algorithms allow us to do what no one else can, deliver immediate solutions for all body parts and injuries by an elite doctor of physical therapy. Our automation puts us in a class of our own, allowing us to bring health to those in need at scale and a price point at 2% of the cost of competitors.

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Our Vision

DocPhyzio will lead the way for innovative solution for muscle and joint pains that affect approximately 20%–33% of the world’s population at any given time. Using advanced technology to instantly deliver elite, comprehensive, and personalized physical therapy. 

Putting healing in your own hands.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance the practice of preventative healthcare through with DocPhyzio our fully automated physical therapy platform, and services that you as an individual can access simply and on your own time.